Teaching Tools and Case Studies

Class Exercises

Teaching Tools

  • The Poverty Simulation Committee at the University of Michigan-Dearborn conducts a session to simulate the poverty experience with students, faculty, and staff.  See the video, which provides additional details.
  • London, T. 2012. Base-of-the-Pyramid: Business Strategies – Module Teaching Note. Ann Arbor, MI: WDI Publishing (formerly Globalens) Teaching Module Note GL1-429-223.
  • London, T. 2016. Teaching at the intersection of business development and poverty alleviation: Bringing the base of the pyramid into the classroom. In Gudic, M., Parkes, C. & Rosenbloom, A. (Eds). Responsible Management Education and the Challenge of Poverty: A Teaching Perspective, Greenleaf Publishing/PRME Book Series. Greenleaf Publishing: Sheffield UK.
  • Gabadeen, W. O. and Raimi, L. (2012) Management of entrepreneurship education in Nigerian higher institutions: Issues, challenges and way forward. Abuja International Journal of Education and Management Sciences (ABIJEMS), 2(1), 1-26. Diamond Lecture Centre Ltd, Abuja.
  • Liberty & Justice: A Social Enterprise Impact Story by Forbes Magazine - Inspired by the Women’s Peace Movement that ended Liberia’s ravaging civil war, social entrepreneur Chid Liberty — who was born in Liberia and raised in Germany and the U.S. — returned in 2010 to start the first fair trade apparel manufacturing company in Africa: Liberty & Justice. After a devastating outbreak of Ebola that virtually shut down the country and lost the company millions of dollars in contracts, see how Liberty and his workers pivoted their business model and kept the hundreds of precious jobs that Liberty had worked so hard to create.

  • Greenplanetfilms offer a teaching video: Being Poor in the World’s Richest Country, 2019, 52 minutes, English subtitles, fee involved. See the video here
  • Stenn, T. (2020), The Perfect Seed (sustainable development, entrepreneurship, marketing in Bolivia). See the video here

Case Studies



  • Register for DreamBuilder, an online course on women’s - entrepreneurship, developed through a partnership between Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management and global copper mining company Freeport-McMoRan. The courses are free, interactive, and designed to teach you the skills and knowledge to start or grow your own business. The courses are available in both Spanish and English.
  • The Small Business Association Learning Center: While concentrated on online workshops for United States businesses, many courses outline fundamentals for entrepreneurs, including evaluating your ideas, choosing among different financing options, the importance of business planning, and legal considerations when registering your business.