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Webinar: Poverty, Entrepreneurship and Public Policy: Can Governments Make a Difference?

July 18th, 2023



Webinar: Poverty, Entrepreneurship and Public Policy: Can Governments Make a Difference?

An important and largely neglected research question concerns the role of public policy in facilitating entrepreneurship as a pathway out of poverty. Government has lots of tools in its toolkit (e.g., taxation policies, income subsidies, loan guarantees, procurement set-asides, vouchers for business support services, grants, regulatory relief, direct business assistance). The challenge is to develop more inventive approaches to policies in each of these areas and ones that are tailored to the stages of business development.

Webinar: Rethinking Poverty, Entrepreneurship, and the Role of the Informal Sector

March 8, 2023

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In countries across the globe, the informal sector represents a significant component of the economy.  For people in poverty, it can represent an important lifeline as a source of income. Yet, we understand relatively little about the informal sector's role in helping alleviate poverty. The webinar explored this sector's dynamic nature in developing and developed economies. It examined key issues surrounding how we define the sector, the challenges faced by these entrepreneurs, why these ventures matter, the outcomes and impacts of these ventures, and related questions. The experts featured included:

  • Dr. Kaveri Gill, Professor, Department of International Relations and Governance, Shiv Nadar University (India)
  • Dr. Ariel Newman, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Syracuse University (USA)
  • Dr. Antonio Baez Morales, Professor, University of Guanajuato (Mexico
  • Dr. Andrea Floridi, Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands)

and was moderated by Michael H. Morris, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame.

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