We seek to foster a community of individuals and organizations interested in the empowering potential of entrepreneurship. By encouraging collaboration, advancing knowledge, identifying best practices, and sharing tools and approaches, we hope to better understand and facilitate the role of entrepreneurial behavior in alleviating poverty across the globe.

Activities of the Partnership shall evolve based on the needs and interests of participating members.  We anticipate the following to be examples of initiatives generated to support and serve the partnership.

  • GPPE Website
  • Tools and frameworks for use in working with low-income entrepreneurs
  • Case studies
  • Annotated bibliography of key research on poverty and entrepreneurship
  • Compendium of what is being done in poverty and entrepreneurship by whom
  • Recognition and sharing of best practices
  • Special Issues on poverty and entrepreneurship in the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship and other outlets
  • Special sessions at conferences
  • Annual or bi-annual conference

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